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Wash And Go

Ever wondered how items available to rent and buy are cleaned at MWHQ?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot – now more than ever – and it’s something we’re hugely passionate about as we understand how important our customers’ peace of mind is when renting and purchasing from us. 

Rest assured, everything you rent or buy from MY WARDROBE HQ is clean. In addition to traditional dry cleaning methods to remove stains from garments between every rental, we are proud to be the only fashion rental and resale platform to use an innovative system called Ozone to sanitize every one of our products as soon as it arrives at our warehouse; this includes bags and shoes! 

How does it work? 

Ozone uses oxidation to kill bacteria and viruses; so it essentially disinfects, sanitises and deodorises garments. All of our products are sanitised in the Ozone chamber upon arriving on site, and then as soon as they return from any rentals. Items are fully immersed, so no parts of the garment escape the sanitising treatment.

The science-y bit:

O3 is pumped into a completely air tight chamber containing all of the garments that need to be sanitised. The extra atom fundamentally does two things: kills bacteria AND removes odour. Germs on a garment are called CFUs (or colony forming units), and are measured per cm squared of fabric. Garments that leave the chamber have between 0 and 2 CFUs/ cm squared. To put that into perspective, an average food preparation area will measure between 10 and 100 CFUs! Cleaner than clean

Clean and green

What we especially like about Ozone is that it is safe for both the garments and for the environment. The state of the art Ozone Sanitisation Chamber allows us to clean multiple garments at the same time and reduces both the energy usage and the usage of polluting Perchloroethylene versus traditional dry cleaning methods. Furthermore, as wash and dry cycles can be shorter and yet more effective, there is less wear and tear on garments.

Now you’ve checked out our clean credentials, head over to our platform for some virtuous retail therapy! 

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