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MYWHQ welcomes FREED to the family. Buy and rent the luxury vegan outerwear and accessories brand that specialises in bright colours and bold design. Today marks their first launch in the UK all the way from Canada.

How did FREED begin? Who or what inspires your work?

I started FREED at the beginning of 2020, out of a desire to create the outerwear brand of my dreams. Having been the president of my families outerwear manufacturing business for over a decade, I saw a huge opportunity where customers were looking for high-quality vegan faux fur outerwear in vibrant colours and easy-to-wear styles.

Favorite piece from your collection on MYWHQ?

Tough question!! I honestly love them all but I would say my favourite are the Lily in Candy, the Ava in Copper, the Riley in Daisy and the Genna.

How would you describe the FREED customer? 
The FREED customer is someone that is confident, unapologetically themselves. They’re conscious shoppers who care how their garments are made and where they come from.

What makes FREED different from the regular outerwear brand?

Our product offering is different because FREED is made in Canada, with an ethical labour force, and is entirely animal-free, even down to the dyes which are 100% vegan. 

Why is sustainability/being part of the circular economy important to you? 
The most important thing for me is to try and make a contribution to positively impact the world my kids will grow up in.

Why MYWHQ and why rental? 
Rent to own is a very interesting concept to me. It allows for less fashion to be consumed and disposed of but at the same time, if you find something you love, you can choose to purchase. My wardrobe HQ has a wonderful selection of designers to choose from and I simply feel privileged to be listed alongside them!

How do you feel about launching in the UK all the way from Canada?
EXCITED!!!!!!! I can’t wait!! I’m so excited to see how the My Wardrobe HQ customer wears our coats.