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Want to change the world? Here’s how…

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and today we’re proud to announce a new and exciting initiative with Earthly, leaders of the natural revolution. We’re pledging to support reforestation through planting a tree with every rental and buy made on MY WARDROBE HQ. That means, that every time you transact with us, you’re committing to a better, cleaner and greener Earth.

Some food for thought… If everyone bought a pre-worn item instead of new this year, it would save:

5.7B lbs of CO2e – equal to 66M trees 

25B gallons of water – equal to 1.2B showers

449M lbs of waste – equal to 18,700 garbage trucks full

We proudly stand as a resale and rental marketplace, especially when reading these kinds of statistics. The thought of the above figures is pretty shocking, which is why we’ve decided to take one step further towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

How does Earthly work? Earthly calculates the carbon footprint for each company it works with; once calculated, it can then provide a number of different solutions depending on how big or small the carbon footprint might be. 

Join us as we get to the root of climate change!

Change the world with MWHQ x Earthly

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